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Based on SCP-610: The Flesh That Hates, the series follows the events that occur after small, isolated, industrial town has suddenly lost all connections with the outside world—all exports stop, and no contact can be established. Anyone sent in to investigate never comes back out. The mysterious SCP Foundation gains control of the site, seeking to Secure, Contain, and Protect.


Aaron Hartford

A D-Class agent for of the SCP Foundation, Aaron is considered entirely disposable by it. It is for this reason that he was sent in to investigate the source of a mysterious radio signal coming from the outskirts of the town which the SCP Foundation has been given control of.

The SCP Researcher

Their name unkown to Aaron, the researcher has been assigned to oversee and direct his actions, communicating through radio contact. Knowing that Aaron is disposible, she avoids building any personal relationship with him.