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Special Containment Procedures:
A perimeter has been established around the site. Nothing is to be allowed to leave or be removed from the site until further notice. This is including all D-class personnel.

A small industrial town, ████████ is largely isolated from the outside world. Initial reports of suspicion came from ████████████████ as the ████████ factory is their main supplier of ████████. No contact could be established with the town following this. Local officials sent in to investigate have failed to report back. This has led to the United States' decision to hand off the site to the Foundation.
No bodies have been found at the site, but there are no signs of life save for a radio signal emanating from a structure far from the town's center. Near-site personnel have reported a massive increase in seismic activity. This has caused many of the structures to begin collapsing.

Initial investigation and classification is ongoing.

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